Preservation Of The Everglades Hydrologic System

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The Everglades hydrologic system has changed greatly from historic times to the present day. Part of this is due to natural changes, while other parts have been affected directly by humans. Most of Florida’s climate, specifically the Everglades, is humid and rainy. Because of Florida’s precipitation, flood control structures have been put into place around Lake Okeechobee. The later release of this water has also impacted the environment surrounding Lake Okeechobee.

Ecosystem Services: Stormwater Treatment Areas
The changes in the Everglades’ hydrologic systems have greatly impacted Florida and its environment. Systems have been put into place and adapted in order to best fit the muggy and wet climate of South Florida as well as efficiently clean and revitalize our water quality. Due to the changes that humans have made to the Everglades and our water systems, our surrounding natural habitats and its flora and fauna have been greatly impacted.

Everglades Historic Hydrologic System
The historic Everglades hydrologic system monitored water quality and quantity in South Florida. This was crucial because the health of the ecosystem was vital for the plants and animals living in its waters at the time. The historic system began to slowly drain the Everglades; this drainage resulted in a change of water flow, changes in plant life, and altered the ecosystem that was in place at the time. Levees and canals aided in the system to drain the water in the mid-1900s. Water…
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