Preserving Americ Protecting The Environment

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Mahon 1 Erin Mahon AP American Government Mr. White February 16, 2015 Preserving America Beautiful foliage, rare animals, and natural wonders exist within the United States because they are protected and desirable. Unfortunately, in the modern world, there is less focus on how to improve and protect the environment. The focus has been shifted towards how to get the most out of the environment. An environmentalist would frown upon the industrial mannerisms that current policy has been backing. This shift has resulted in many looking back to the roots laid by former environmental leaders including Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. By turning back the clocks and looking at the great strides previously made towards helping the environment we can truly see the change. The issues of the time greatly affect the focus of the issues. Thus, making the political climate, the catalyst for these environmental movements within the United States. When the people show passion for certain topics such as the environment, the administration pushes legislation that is relevant to it. Therefore, during the 1900’s and the 1970’s the people and the administrations wanted to see environmental policies pushed through the bureaucracy. Although the two former presidents were different in terms of policy and valor, it is evident that Roosevelt and Nixon proved to be dynamic in their actions towards environmental policy and the preservation of the public’s interests to the environments

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