Preserving Bio Diversity Among Fish Populations

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Restoring Bio-Diversity Amongst Fish Populations: An Analysis of Visual Rhetoric Throughout the planet the effects of over fishing are being experienced daily. In fact, 24% of the world’s fish species are overexploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion (World Wildlfe Fund). Defined, overfishing is the process of catching fish in massive quantities, with the possibility of causing extinction among a species of fish. While it is understood that catching more fish now will lead to a drastic decline of fish populace in the future, fishing is a very profitable occupation. In 2008 1.27 billion pounds of shellfish and finfish were accumulated from the Gulf of Mexico. Commercial fishermen earned $659 million in total income for 2008 (National and Atmospheric Administration U.S. Department of Commerce). Struggling families are often forced into the trade as a means of providing for their household. Organizations across the world are actively working to restore the fish populations in the oceans before it’s too late. The World Wildlife Fund relentlessly fights to increase the number of wild fisheries, eliminating illegal fishing practices, and working towards sustainability in the future. Images published on the organization’s web page are geared to encourage viewers to take a stand and protect the biodiversity of the oceans. The World Wildlife Fund effetely promotes their argument of eliminating the exploitation of fish to environmentalists worldwide through the use of two…
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