Preserving Biological Evidence

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The collection of biological evidence at a crime scene is vital to the success of the overall case. Biological evidence is extremely sensitive and requires handle with care during its collection. Preserving biological evidence is also a significant task as well, and attention must be taken to ensure the preservation of any and all biological evidence in the exact state from its original collection location. Many types of biological evidence can be found at a crime scene and in this essay, we will discuss many different types, the necessary process of collection and preservation, and what procedures are to ensure the safety of each sample.
One of the most common biological forms of evidence found at a crime scene is hair. Often found in a variety of crime scenes is hair.
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Before an investigator begins the gathering of evidence, they must keep in mind that they must treat the site in a professional manner. Biological evidence must go through the photographic process first. The location and its relativity to the crime scene must first go through the process of photographs, sketches, and notes before it receives disruption. Different positions and shapes of bloodstains can provide additional information to the crime. Furthermore, an immediate evaluation of any blood evidence is may be necessary. Only an expert should be called to perform an on-site overview of the crime scene to predict the criminal activity and movements of the persons involved. It is not acceptable to collect blood samples or DNA samples before the expert completes this task. The individual that receives the evidence must handle all biologically stained materials with care and keep personal contact to a minimum to preserve the evidence and ward off any contamination. Body fluids may be tainted and should receive treatment as so, which means that wearing gloves and changing them regularly is a
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