Preserving the Learning Process

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The Classroom or the Web? There is a dispute among experts that traditional learning is the best way of preserving learning process, but other models are beginning to gain attention and respect, with distance learning leading the way. When comparing learning an equal course in a traditional framework to a online learning framework, students often express higher satisfaction from the online learning, and rate the learning as more successful than the traditional framework. It has also been argued that on line learning is more efficient and interactive. Findings of research done in the seventies and eighties, comparing the use of computers in the learning environment, also indicated improvement in the student's achievements (Rashty, n.d.) Distance learning includes a lot of components that are taken from traditional learning, such as presentation of ideas by the students, group discussions, arguments and a lot of other forms of conveying information and accruing knowledge. The contents of the course's syllabus might be ordered according to subjects and in a serial manner. Distance learning also includes advantages which are not found in traditional learning, such as time for assimilating the information and reacting, enhanced communication among the students, both as regards quality and as regards necessity, knowledge being obtained and conveyed among the students themselves, the capability to conduct an open discussion, where each learner gets more of an equal standing
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