Presidencial Case Study

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One legal issue I can recall is a sentinel event that happens to a 46-year-old male. Even looking back on that day I still can’t believe the events that led up to his untimely death. The patient was supposed to go home the previous day but was transferred to the unit for shortness of breath and dehydration. The team order for the patient to be given 1 litter of 0.9 NS bolus and continue fluid 0.9 NS at a rate of 125ml/hr. The patient was alert and talking on the bi-pap machine. An hour later the patient was wheezing still alert and talking. I approach the Dr. H and ask if we could stop the fluids because the patient was wheezing, I don’t believe he is dehydrated. Although I voiced my concern I was brushed off and the physician who continue to text on his phone. As the morning went on the patient had a call from his daughter, I explain that he was ok and on the bi-pap and could not talk because of the mask and covey to the patient she…show more content…
H had respect for the nursing profession and suggestion render for the care of the patient. The physicians did not examine the patient for himself to see if I have a valid point, he continues to treat the monitor and not the patient. As I analysis things that I could have done differently, one choice I could have done was go up the change of command until the problem was fixed. Another action would be, to insist on DR. H walking 20 steps to the patient room to examine the patient when I notice the change and not just the monitor and labs. I could have stopped the fluids until the patient was examined as well as the x-ray was done. Unfortunately, the patient passed after a long code. That day has change how I handled conflicts with a physician. That day I felt that I had fallen my patient. I go up the change and I don’t care if the physician feels that I’m going over their heads. Furthermore, I am not timid when it comes to voicing my concern about how the doctors are handling patient
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