Presidency of Abraham Lincoln Essays

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Many Americans believed that the election of 1860 would decide the fate of the Union. The Democratic Party was the only party in the national scope. The convention in Charleston, South Carolina in 1860 split the Democratic Party. Stephen Douglas wanted his party’s presidential nomination, but he could not afford to alienate northern voters by accepting the southern position on the territories. However, "Southern Democrats insisted on recognition of their rights, as the Dred Scott decision had defined them and they moved to block Douglas’s nomination"( Bialy, 2007, p. 383). Douglas obtained a majority for his version of the platform, delegates from the South walked out of the convention. After compromise efforts the Democrats presented two …show more content…
Victory was won in the Electoral College for Lincoln. This election firmly established the Republicans who held presidency for 60 of the next 100 years. He helped form the new Republican Party, drawing on remnants of the old Whig, Free Soil, Liberty and Democratic parties. The core issue of the Republican Party, and Lincoln was over the extension of slavery. Abolitionists and supporters of free soil in the North worked to keep the Republicans from compromising on their territorial stand. In the South, proslavery advocates and secessionists gathered public opinion and demanded that state conventions assemble to consider secession. Lincoln made the decision not to soften his party’s position on the territories. Lincoln wrote of the necessity of maintaining the bond of faith between voter and candidate and “of declining to set “the minority over the majority”. Although many conservatives Republicans, eastern businessmen, and former Whigs were adamant to stop the expansion of the peculiar institution” (Bialy, 2007, p.384). Senator John J. Crittenden of Kentucky tried to put together a late-hour compromise. Hoping to avoid disunion, Crittenden proposed that the two sections divided the territories between them at latitude 36º30. The southerners would agree to this proposal only if the Republicans did, too, they wanted no less and knew that extremist in the South would demand more. Lincoln
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