President And Executive Of Fluorescent Light Fixtures

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The following recommendation is for Mr. Williams, President and CEO of Fluorescent Light Fixtures, from the human resources department with a recommendation to approve religious prayer accommodation three times a day for Mr. Suleiman, a Sunni Muslim, during his scheduled work shift at our plant in St Louis Missouri. Mr. Suleiman was recently hired and his first workday will be 31 August 2014, working the day shift from 0800 – 1700, Sunday through Thursday. During his initial orientation session that all new employees attended on 18 August 2014, he submitted his religious accommodation request to his assigned supervisor. The request is to be allowed to pray three times a day (noon, afternoon, sunset) for approximately 10 minutes a session. The following where reviewed by the human resource department, manufacturing department and our litigation department, in our review process for either recommending approval or disapproval of his request (1) The religious practice, (2) Federal and state laws, and (3) Undue burden or hardship for the company if approved. Let’s review each of these points in more detail.
Religious Practice
“There are about 1.6 billion Muslims or 23 percent of the world’s population, making Islam the second-largest religion” (Desliver, 2013). There are five guiding principles of Islam that Muslims follow. The principle that we are concerned with as a company is his request to pray three times a day during his work shift, which falls under the “Salat”,
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