President Andrew Jackson

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In regards to the overall effect a single president has had in the course of US history, President Andrew Jackson should be taken into consideration. Though his morals and personality have long been critiqued and scrutinized, Jackson’s presidency had an indisputable effect upon the power of the president as an individual. Jackson’s profound influence upon the office of presidency was exemplified within his fiscal, social, and political interventions in American politics during the mid nineteenth century.
President Andrew Jackson changed the office of presidency through his continuous actions, which served to diminish the power of the federal government thus increasing both his political and economic agendas. The economic policies Jackson enacted demonstrated his distrust of both large government and Northeastern power brokers. Due to his hatred for big government, Jackson detested the Bank of the United States. Jackson ensured that the Second Bank of the United States (BUS) failed by vetoing Congress’s attempt to recharter it in ….. In addition Jackson also secured its decrepit state by withdrawing federal funds from the bank, which he later would deposit in his “pet” banks. Although his hatred for the bank invoked controversy there were many that shared his economic beliefs. In Doc 4 this is exemplified as Jackson is portrayed is the hero slaying the hydra-headed monster. The portrayal of the Bank of the United States as a mythological monster reinforces the notion that
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