President Andrew Johnson Became President Of The United States

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Chapter 14 Summative Paper Rold, Anna- Hour 2 1. A) Describe the Freedmen’s Bureau, especially what its purpose was. B) Explain how Andrew Johnson became President of the United States. The Freedmen’s Bureau was an organization that was created by congress, and was first established in the year 1865. It was used to help the former slaves who lived in the South after the civil war. They gave african americans items like clothing, food, medical help, etc. It also did things like build public schools for black students. Even though segregation still existed, the kids were getting an education. Another thing that the Freedmen’s Bureau accomplished was giving land to african american farmers. It helped them get a start in their career, when they didn’t have much money to spare. Most rich white southerners did not approve of the Freedmen’s Bureau, saying that african americans don’t deserve the same rights. The new president Andrew Johnson wasn’t to fond of the idea either. For example, when congress was trying to pass a law to give the Bureau more legal powers, Johnson had attempted to veto it. After Lincoln’s assassination, Vice President Andrew Johnson was brought into office. He was from the state of Tennessee, and most Radical Republicans agreed with his views. Johnson had already had some political experience as well. At one point, he was the Mayor of Tennessee. He had gotten all of the states besides Texas back into our country by 1865. In doing so, he had each
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