President Andrew Johnson Became President Of The United States

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Chapter 14 Summative Paper Rold, Anna- Hour 2 1. A) Describe the Freedmen’s Bureau, especially what its purpose was. B) Explain how Andrew Johnson became President of the United States. The Freedmen’s Bureau was an organization that was created by congress, and was first established in the year 1865. It was used to help the former slaves who lived in the South after the civil war. They gave african americans items like clothing, food, medical help, etc. It also did things like build public schools for black students. Even though segregation still existed, the kids were getting an education. Another thing that the Freedmen’s Bureau accomplished was giving land to african american farmers. It helped them get a start in their…show more content…
Johnson had granted amnesty to all confederate states, allowing them to establish new governments. 2. A) Describe “Black Codes” in the South, and how Republicans did away with the codes. B) Describe the details of the Reconstruction Act of 1867. Black codes is what the North believed to be just like slavery. They were laws put in place that limited the rights of african americans who once lived in the South. It had all occurred after the 13th amendment was established, outlawing slavery in the U.S.. Now that slavery was gone, black codes tried to make it seem as if african americans would only be used for labor. Some codes even required them to sign a year long labor contract. If they decided to refuse, the would be arrested and have to do unpaid work. It allowed plantation owners to exploit their slaves, and restricted them from ever renting land. During the Reconstruction Act of 1867, ten of the southern states had created new state governments. Still, these states had not agreed with the 14th amendment. It ended up that the south was divided into five separate military districts. Many former confederate leaders had volunteered to participate, but they were all turned down. African americans began to vote in huge numbers, which gave Republicans control over the southern state governments. 3. A) Explain why President Johnson was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. B) Explain why he was not convicted by the
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