President Barack Hussein Obama's American Dream

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President Barack Hussein Obama encapsulates the American Dream. From humble beginnings, Obama achieved first an education, then a career in humanitarian aid, and finally service in the most powerful political position in the country if not the world. Becoming president of the United States is no small feat, an act that requires specific personality traits. As President of the United States, Obama has exhibited certain personality traits as well. His political and diplomatic decisions depend on his personality. Finally, Barack Obama's future will also depend on how the President enhances his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses. President Barack Obama consistently emphasizes his ego and superego over his id, which is downplayed in his public image.
Barack Obama is from a multicultural background, which exposes him to different types of socialization and different social norms. His personality would have been formed in an open-minded household respectful of cross-cultural values and beliefs. However, Barack Obama also experienced a significant amount of turmoil and upheaval in his childhood. His mother and father divorced and young Barack Obama moved to a different country when he was young. The exposure to different countries was a fruitful experience, but his loss of his father left an indelible mark on his personality. Barack Obama writes about his feelings about his childhood in Dreams from My Father.
The Freudian or psychoanalytic perspective of personality takes into

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