President Barack Obama Plenty Of Gray Hairs

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Over the past year, there have been numerous problems both home and abroad that have given President Barack Obama plenty of gray hairs. Coming up on the year 's end and midterm elections, Obama 's approval rating has hit an all time low. While he tries to aid his fellow democrats, he may actually be hurting them. It is important for the president to have as many like minded individuals in office with him, so that they can help him in return. However it does not help the cause if the same people voting do not approve of Mr. Obama. As seen in recent polls, his approval rating is hitting a new low, showing the people 's distrust in the president for how he has handled situations such as immigration, both wars in the Ukraine and Syria, reforming Obamacare, and aiding in the student loan crisis. Since October of last year, many children from countries in South and Central America began flooding U.S. borders, hoping to get away from the problems in their own countries and seeking refuge in the United States. New York Times states that, "More than 68,000 children have been caught crossing the United States border alone since October (2013)," ( Illegal immigration was already a problem in the U.S. however it was mostly kept in the dark until these children arrived. From that point on the big debate started with, what should the government do about these kids? Should they be sent home or kept here? That debate sparked the broadening of the entire illegal immigration

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