President Congress And Representation Essay

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Michelle Surakhanova
Professor Ricks

The President, Congress and Representations

The legislative body, our Congress, is responsible for making laws that benefit the people. The four kinds of representations include: symbolic representation, policy representation, allocated representation and casework all of which are set to insure that the American citizens are being protected from a tyrannical government. Checks and balances demonstrate that each body of government is able to “check” or ensure that each branch is supplied equal power. Therefore congress can regulate and “check” the executive branch. We learn how a bill can become vetoed or signed when it is passed to the president and then to both houses of Congress who must gain a full two-third majority vote to override a presidential veto. Political parties that vote on laws are passed based on the most dominant party in each house. This is because of the concept that majority rules, the party with the most seats in the house of congress will get the most votes. In chapter eight we discuss that presidents want to retire their presidential duties leaving a great legacy, but often times they do make promises that they cannot keep not because they do not want to make everyone happy but because politics gets in the way and not all things and everyone in politics can not be
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The president is chosen by the Electoral- College and serves a four-year term. The president must be a natural born citizen of the United States, at least thirty-five years old and a resident for at least fourteen years. If the president dies the appointed vice president will be able to take his place. The president can be removed from office or impeached for “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The system is set up so that one person does not completely take over and for so that the system does not become
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