President Donald J. Trump Essay

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The United States (US) and the global community await the inauguration of elected President Donald J. Trump this coming January. The new incoming president is the result of Republican Party backing and the voting power of the people who voiced their needs to see major change in the US political system of government. As the American public await the allocation of 15 presidential cabinet positions, one cannot help but question the ability of the president elect to take the US to a positive and prosperous direction. These questions arise in light that Mr. Trump, though a leader in the real estate market and a focal point in some areas of the media, has no working military or political experience. Thus it is my belief that the policies of the US will be driven by the experience of the executive cabinet and the general directives of President-elect Trump. The president-elect ran on a populist platform touting opposition on illegal immigration, Current international trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (Emery Jr., 2016) and a reversal, opposition of current policy, of key security at home points such as a buildup in military force and missile defense, removal of gun purchasing restriction and right to carry laws (Gilmer, 2016). The affirmation of President-elect Trump’s resolve will be solidified by his administration and the embodied experience that will be used to support it. But what can this new
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