President Donald Trump And The Democratic Democracy

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With the massive popular support behind such presidential candidates as the businessman Donald Trump and the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, one must consider why it is that such relatively extreme candidates garnered such mass approval. One view concerning this situation is that a certain dissatisfaction has grown in a vast number of American citizens in regards to how American politics has been operating as of late. With changes in society being viewed as both necessary and slow coming (if at all) under the current administration, one can conclude that there is surely some rational sentiment behind the desire for a presidential candidate that will operate differently than what has been dubbed conventional in politics. Yet, there is also a wealth of rhetoric both from Trump and Sanders which has tended to be vaguer when it comes to the details of implementing plans while instead appealing more to one’s emotions for a positive response. With the popularity that was enjoyed by both candidates, it is clear that fairly large portions of the population are currently rather susceptible to passionate appeals which, in turn, is an indicator that avenues such as social movements could be ripe for being taken once more in America in order to express concerns that are otherwise seemingly falling on deaf ears within the established, conventional political system. This is further highlighted by the claims that it was because of the system in place and power of elites in the system
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