President Eisenhower Was The Greatest President

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President Eisenhower was the greatest president in United States history because he instilled firsthand his experiences from times of war and times of peace, to increase the government’s power during his presidential term and years to follow. He was a well-established military general during many United States campaigns, before he took office as president of the United States. The most notable campaign he took part in was World War II, where he was the Supreme Allied Commander of European Forces and held the highest rank a United States officer can obtain, 5-Star General. He was one of nine generals to ever hold the rank of 5-Star General, which greatly gave him an advantage when he later ran for president. But he also used the side of diplomacy, that would greatly affect many events in United States history that are still around today. Though out his presidential term, he was strong but fair and exactly who the nation needed as a leader. That is why his direct involvement with ending the Korean War, starting the Federal Highway system and keeping the United States from starting a military war with the Soviet Union, makes him the greatest president in United States history. One of president Eisenhower’s first initiatives was bringing an end to the Korean War. A war that began three years before he was elected into office. As the war turned from a defensive one, to an offensive one, United States troops pushed the North Korean army back across the 38th parallel. The United…
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