President Eisenhower's Operation Overlord

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In 1915 at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. With all his Awards and his helpfulness towards the U.S. In 1916, He Service in the First World War. September 24, 1917, Eisenhower's first son is born. However, dies of scarlet fever as a toddler in 1921. In 1919. He is promoted to Major after war, which was Studies in tank warfare. In 1925, He attends the Command and General Staff College and he graduates at the top of his class in 1926. In 1935, Eisenhower moves to the Philippines. In 1939, soon Eisenhower returns to America. In 1942, Eisenhower is appointed Supreme Commander for the Allied forces. In 1943, Operation Overlord. In 1945, Army Chief of Staff. In November 4, 1952, Eisenhower becomes President. In April 16, 1953, Eisenhower's

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