President Ford : A Visionary Leader

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Henry Ford Henry Ford was born a farm boy in rural Michigan and would rise from humble beginnings to be one of the pioneers of the auto industry where he would populate American landscape with his cars, to include 15 million Model Ts (Brinkley, 2003). Ford was a visionary leader which I will illustrate by showing you how he implemented the assembly line, resulting from ideas which he received from his intellectually stimulated employees and how he exercise the golden rule and payed ANY man $5 a day. I will then show you how, despite being a visionary leader, he was an unethical one because he failed to use accuracy, clarity and the consequence test to put his hatred for Jews in check. I will finish by showing you how I am a visionary leader, like Ford, and an Ethical leader, unlike Ford. I will demonstrate my visionary leadership by showing how I stimulated intellect and caused and AFSO21 event and exercised the rainbow rule when considering an award presentation. Additionally, I will show how I was an ethical leader by using accuracy, breadth and the consequence test to determine actions to take for a DUI.
Visionary Leader Henry Ford had a vision to make the automobile so affordable that nearly every household would have one parked out front. His largest leap towards this goal was the introduction of the assembly line in 1913 (Brinkley, 2003). What I found even more interesting is the manner in which the idea had come about. There were a few individuals that claim…
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