President Franklin D. Roosevelt And President Obama Essay

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Hail to The Chief! As a new President takes office, it is the inauguration address that marks the beginning of their term. This formal speech marks the first time the President lays out his intentions as the leader of the country. The inaugural addresses often make promises to address the nations concerns and issues. Usually the addresses that have the greatest impact, are the ones most remembered. Consider President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Barrack Obama, both of these Presidents gave strong inauguration addresses, however it was Roosevelt’s words that seemed more realistic, and ultimately had a greater impact for the American public. As incoming Presidents, Roosevelt and Obama were handed down several of the same issues. Both Presidents acquired economic problems. Roosevelt inherited the Great Depression, while Obama inherited the Great Recession. In comparison, the Great Depression that Roosevelt inherited was more severe then the financial issues that Obama had coming into office. Not only did the Great Depression last longer than the Great Recession, but unemployment and poverty was at an all time high point. “By 1932, one of every four Americans was unemployed; in many large cities, nearly half of the adults were out of work” (Shi and Tindall p. 913). Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes or farms and a large numbers of banks failed (Shi and Tindall p.913). Roosevelt addressed these great financial issues in his inaugural speech, “the savings
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