President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Roosevelt enacted a series of reforms called the “New Deal.” The New Deal was aimed to help the social and economic recovery of the United States after the Great Depression. Different groups of people were treated differently during the New Deal. Some groups benefited from the reforms and some did not. Certainly, not all groups of people experienced the New Deal similarly; some perfect examples of this are old people, farm laborers, and theatre workers. Old age people were among the groups that had really benefited from the New Deal. The Social Security Act that FDR proposed was aimed to provide “economic security for individuals”[ Frances Perkins, “The social security Act,”in the The New Deal section, ed. Natalie Zemon Davis et al. Bedford/St.Martin’s Press 2000, 72.] and this particularly included old people. This Act was passed by Congress and signed by FDR in August 1935. Individuals who have worked before and met the government’s conditions were qualified to get old-age benefits. Although this act did not provide every single aged person with the old-age benefits, it at least ensured the benefits of those old people who have worked and had some contributions to the society. The monthly payments were sent to individuals from the age of sixty-five “in direct proportion to the total wages earned by such individuals in course of their employment ...”[] In other words, the higher the wage an individual had the higher…
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