President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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There are many characteristics that identified an individual as a great leader. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is a prime example of a great leader. In 1933 Roosevelt became the 32nd president of the United States, and led Americans through various series of events. But like many accomplishments every great leader faced challenges and Roosevelt was no exception. This paper will analyze Franklin D. Roosevelt accomplishments, challenges, and leadership style.
During his presidential time Roosevelt led Americans through the Great Depression and World War II. Furthermore, he created various program to help many unemployed individuals which gave rise to the “New Deal.” However, before becoming president of the United States Roosevelt faced many obstacles. His first attempt of becoming a leader was when her ran for U.S. senate for New York. He did not win the election since he had made several enemies. Yet, although he did not win the election instead of giving up he continued his career in politics.
He faced another obstacle when he was diagnosed with polio. The diagnostic caused him to be permanently paralyzed. Although he was determined to recover movement in his legs, he came to the consensus that he would never walk again. Instead he focused on creating awareness on the disease and established a foundation to help others get access to the polio vaccine. Through his efforts and strength to regain his political image back he continue to work in increasing his national
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