President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Angela McLinton
AP U.S. History Pd 1

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is commonly thought of as a liberal and President Herbert C. Hoover as a conservative. To what extent are there characterizations valid?

It is a commonly held belief that Roosevelt was liberal and Hoover, conservative. However, as their respective presidencies progressed, it was shown through their proactivity and reservations that they attained a versatility between the two. Both wanted to pull the economy away from the depression. It’s just that Hoover wanted less government involvement and Roosevelt added layers upon layers of just that, at the surface level. The validity of the above statement is only so to an extent; Hoover and Roosevelt both possess liberal and conservative traits.
President Hoover waived liberalism in his New York candidate speech, saying it was “the road not to more liberty, but to less liberty.” By limiting the people, this “false liberalism” that went hand-in-hand with the bureaucratization of commercial business was hypocritically hazardous to true liberalism, and Hoover felt it logical to establish this aloud. Conscious of likely misinterpretation, Hoover wanted to government domination to detach from the people (Doc A). Consistently throughout the Depression, Hoover expressed his intention with his "hands off policy.” The country will pull itself up by its bootstraps in due time. Hoover proclaimed that the depression could not be pacified by executive order…
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