President Franklin Delano Roosevelt 's President Of The United States

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“President Franklin Delano Roosevelt” The American political system today is flowing incredibly well, despite looking at disputes between political candidates and parties. Have you ever wondered how laborious and demanding it is running a country while receiving high criticism, negativity, and undergoing stressful times? I believe all of the United States presidents’ have worked hard to improve the economy and the lives of U.S. citizens. Politics are often confused and referred to as corrupt, but I think it is a huge challenge getting elected to office to help your country and people. Most important, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a very inspiring and motivating job as the president of the United States. President Roosevelt had a…show more content…
Franklin Roosevelt then decided to impress the adults by applying on the teachings of a headmaster at Groton named Endicott Peabody, who urged students on public service and helping the less fortunate. Roosevelt graduated from Groton in 1900. Moreover, he then attended Harvard University. Surprisingly, even though FDR was an average C student, he achieved much at Harvard. Roosevelt was the member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and the editor of the Harvard Crimson newspaper. Franklin Roosevelt earned his degree at Harvard in three years. On the other hand, during his last year at Harvard, he got engaged to his fifth cousin, also known as his idol Theodore Roosevelt’s niece, Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin and Eleanor married on March 17, 1905. Subsequently, Roosevelt attended Columbia University Law School and passed the bar exam in 1907, although he did not earn his degree. Thereafter, he spent three years practicing corporate law in New York, while living the upper-class life. After the time period, he found law quite restrictive as well as boring, so he looked up to something different that would be worth more achievement. Primarily, FDR’s journey in politics started at the age of 28, when he was invited to run New York Senate in 1910. Roosevelt ran in a 32 year Republican voted district, as a Democrat. He campaigned with a lot of effort and won the election, due to his fame and
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