President George W. Bush

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Throughout the years we have had some great United States presidents and some terrible ones. When we elect a president, we want someone who will improve our country and stabilize our economy. However, many presidents do not accomplish this during their term and end up causing the opposite effect to happen. One president who is on the list of presidents that made the country worse and our economy decline is George W. Bush. He was the United States president from 2001 to 2009. George W. Bush was one of the worst United States presidents for many reasons, but the top three on my long list are first and foremost his decision to start the war on Iraq, second his support of the Military Commissions Act, and last but not least his handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. President George W. bush made the decision to go to war with Iraq just months after the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. There is evidence that shows Bush was after Saddam Hussain from day one of his presidency. Paul O’Neill claims that Bush started constructing arrangements for the invasion of Iraq within days of Bush’s inauguration. Bush denied these claims and discredited O’Neill by declaring he was a dissatisfied employee who was dismissed by the White House and that O’Neill had no reliable comprehension of U.S. foreign policy. The Iraqi National Congress argues that soon after Bush’s inauguration, Bush contacted them to discuss how to remove Hussein from power, which confirms O’Neill’s allegations
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