President George W. Bush

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September 11, 2001 will forever mark a permanent scar on our nation’s history. It marks the day our nation lost thousands of lives as well as ravishing infrastructure that will forever remain engraved in the hearts of every American. It marks the day that our nation fell apart emotionally, but also the day that our nation came together as one. Putting aside all differences politically and socially, September 11 is the day our nation mourned as one. On the same day, our former president George W. Bush formulated one of his most memorable speeches. He not only took this moment to address the severity and despondency of the occasion, but he also took this opportune time to guide our nation on how to recuperate from one of the bloodiest and costliest attacks the United States has ever faced.
Bush worked to withdraw the fears and to instill a sense of relief to all the American people. The September 11 attacks marked a pivotal point in his presidency as well as the new millennium. It opened the doors to change in foreign policy, military intervention, and years of dispute over how to combat the brutalities of terrorism. The solutions to these problems are still disputed today, yet Bush’s speech helped opened our eyes to a new nation, one that has yet to overcome the fear of terrorism. His 26-sentence speech filled with metaphorical and biblical language encapsulates the panic that struck the nation. It also brought together today’s modern perception of terrorism, and how these…
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