President Harry S. Truman

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Presidential Research Paper
President Harry S. Truman wasn’t only just a president, he was a US army soldier, a democratic senator, presiding judge, and a vice president. Before his presidency, he fought in World War 1.
Recapping his roles before the presidency, once the war ended, Truman got discharged from the army and then went to attend Kansas City school of law. This is when he was on the road to becoming president. In 1933 Franklin d Roosevelt was elected 32nd president. Harry S. got elected presiding judge of the Jackson County Court and then was sworn in. He served two four year terms through 1934 as a judge. During this time Harry Truman became a U.S. senator by 1935. On August 31, 1944 Truman commences his vice presidential campaign from where he was born Lamar, Missouri. Shortly afterwards, Truman was elected vice president on November 7 of the same year.
Following the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman was sworn in as thirty-third president of the United States of America on April 12, 1945. A day after Germany surrendered to the Allies, Truman called for the end of the war in Europe; this is known as V-E Day, aka Victory in Europe Day. This is now a public holiday celebrated on May 8th 1945. World War II (1939-19455) had been going on before Truman got into office as president. Although he wasn’t in office when it started, he had been in office when it ended. August 6, 1945 was the day Truman called for…
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