President Hoover And The Great Depression

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One of the greatest measurements to a president 's legacy is their urgency, brilliance and efficiency on handling the number of crisis 's that can happen during their terms. From natural to financial crises presidents are the focal point.Let it be their decisions and policy led to a greater outcome or they backfire and make situations worse, their name will forever be associated with the crisis’s they dealt with. This fact can not be more true when we look at presidents like President Hoover. The 31’st president of the U.S., Herbert Hoover, is one of the two presidents name that we readily associate with one of the dark pages in American History, the Great Depression. Elected right after the start of the great depression, President Hoover might not have been the president who started the fall but he’s the one many americans associate it with the disaster and put the blame on. In the late 1920’s the american stock value dropped immensely leading to the immediate fall of the U.S. economy, which started the depression. From small to big business most of the institutions that depended on the economy fail down one by one. This downfall immediately led to the exponential change in the unemployment rate from 3 % in 1929 to 23 % in 1932. American’s across the country did not just lose their jobs but also their entire savings and homes,following the crash of banks and financial institution. Many americans became homeless and had nothing to eat. They would stand in
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