President Hoover 's Impact On The Great Depression

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During 1929, The Great Depression changed the shape of America and how many people would struggle during this time. The Great Depression had many issues happen that hurt many people and their jobs. President Hoover had a major impact during this time. The Great Depression started after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The economy during this time was in a world of hurt and people in the economy were going through a rough time. Many farmers during this time lost money to pay for their jobs and could not have anything go in their favor while Hoover was in Presidency.
Affects of The Great Depression
There were many Affects in The Great Depression, such as many women’s roles changed which had an impact because they would have to support a family. Another affect was Bankruptcy because people lost jobs and did do much during this time because everything was shut down and destroyed. People were not able to provide food for their family because their city was damaged during this time. The federal government had not faced such devastation during this time. “The Government should not support the people…. Federal Aid… weakens the sturdiness of our national character” Since this time was hurting so many people President Hoover tried to take a stand by implementing regulation to help the people during 1929. He would want people to feel secure under his role. President Hoover was a Republican and when the 1928 presidential campaign happened, he said “We are a nation of progressives; we
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