President Hoover 's Voluntary System Of Associationalism And Limited Government

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After the Stock Market crashed in 1929, the American economy was at its lowest point. The consequences of this crash were that the birth rate decreased, over 70,000 businesses were forced to close, and jobs became so limited that white workers started taking the undesirable jobs previously held by the African Americans and Mexicans. President Hoover’s voluntary system of associationalism and limited government did not help with the economic recovery.
In February 1933, “the Senate passed a resolution calling for the newly elected president, Franklin Roosevelt to assume unlimited power” (Bailey, Beth, et al. “Chapter 22: The Great Depression and the New Deal.” A People and A Nation: Brief Tenth Edition. Vol. 2. Stamford: Cengage Learning, 2015. 632-667. Book. [Further: Bailey, Blight, and Chudacoff]). Through the New Deal, Roosevelt sought to “revive the economy through economic planning and relief programs” (Bailey, Blight and Chudacoff). These relief programs helped many Americans find jobs and ultimately restore the economy.
After Roosevelt was elected president, one of his first actions was to restore the banking system. The banking crisis can be attributed to risky loans made by the banks following World War One. After the stock market crashed, many Americans rushed to take all of their money out of the banks. The people were gripped with the fear of losing their money, so this forced the banks to shut down. In his inaugural address, Roosevelt “vowed to use federal
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