President John F. Kennedy

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President John f. Kennedy once said, "The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth." The yearning for higher education has come to a roadblock with the rising prices of college. The average American income cannot keep pace with rising college prices because colleges and universities are building up their schools, creating debt, and putting the burden on their students by raising tuition prices. The average American income cannot keep pace with rising college prices. During Clinton’s presidency, the nation experienced a flourishing economy. Millions of jobs created in the growth of the economy and as a result, unemployment reached remarkable record lows. American income grew at blistering…show more content…
Pear also wrote that households led by a person of the age of twenty-five to thirty-four years old, the median income declined by 4.5 percent, while it only decreased by 5.7 percent for thirty-five to fourty-four year olds, 2.5 percent for fourty-five to fifty-four year olds, and 7 percent for fifty-five to sixty-four year olds. With huge declines early in the recovery from the recession, black households ' median income has risen by 3.5% over the past three years, while Hispanic households ' income, unfortunately, has remained flat since 2011 writes Luhby. With income slowly rising, and with a growing minority population, college accessibility needs to accommodate to the American economy. Colleges and Universities keep building up their schools and creating debt. Every year it seems that an institution expands or renovates their campus. Building bigger academic facilities and extravagant sporting complexes to attract students. It seems most of these expansions are to “one up” the competition. These lavish expenditures have to receive funds somehow. Taking out loans and going into debt seems to be the only answer. At Indiana State University, university trustees requested sixty-four million dollars in state capital improvement funds to finance the Nursing, Health, and Human Services Building renovation and expansion for 2015-2017, according to Indian eGov
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