President John F Kennedy 's Leadership And Learning

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” President John F Kennedy. President Kennedy always understood the value of continuing to educate him-self to be a well-rounded leader; this is why he was well known as such a successful one. By now it is evident that effective leadership is a culmination of nature and nurture because “effective leaders are not born or made” (Lussier, 8). Researchers even estimate that “30 percent of leadership is heritable, whereas 70 percent is developed”(Lussier,8). While it is hard to define a leader because, “there is no universal definition of leadership because it is complex” and it is “studied in different ways that require different definitions” there are still a few characteristics most…show more content…
Although this idea had begun to come to fruition during the Eisenhower administration, Kennedy continued to develop it yet failed miserably. This failure was mainly because of unaccredited information provided to the Central Intelligence Agency, and a lack of air support for our troops on the ground. However though this failed attack resulted an epic disaster, Kennedy still accepted full responsibility for his short comings a trait which is rare amongst leaders of today. This was a major display of Kennedy’s “integrity” as a leader, or the “foundation for trustworthiness” (Lussier, 38). These personality traits are indicative of “conscientiousness,” the “second highest correlated leadership characteristic” (Lussier, 34). Despite his personal flaws, and deceitfulness on behalf of his marriage, he proved on multiple occasions he was honest and ethical businessman. Kennedy was enthusiastic, very charismatic, and was a clear and concise “communicator” (Lussier, 6). There was no question about hidden agendas, or true intentions. He relayed his message for the future with a simplicity that contained hope and vigor to energize the American people. This propelled him as a leader, because he was able to motivate, drive, and inspire others from the very beginning. He possessed the combination of “extraversion, and high energy, with determination” to have “the personality dimension of surgency” (Lussier, 36).
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