President Lyndon B. Johnson

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New president Lyndon B. Johnson acquired a troublesome circumstance in Vietnam, as the South Vietnamese government was in shambles and the Viet Cong was making substantial additions in provincial ranges of the South. Despite the fact that Johnson charged himself as an intense hostile to Communist, he vowed to respect Kennedy 's constrained troop duties in Vietnam. In reality, Johnson took care of the Vietnam circumstance respectably amid the early piece of his term, endeavoring to proceed with Kennedy 's projects without drastically heightening the war.

New Strategies

Johnson made a few changes in U.S. military authority. Despite the fact that Robert S. McNamara stayed as secretary of guard, General Earle G. Wheeler turned into the new executive of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General William C. Westmoreland was instated as authority of the MACV, supplanting past administrator General Paul Harkins, by then alluded to as "General Blimp" for his propensity to swell the ARVN 's victories.

Westmoreland, sickened with the debasement and ineptitude of the ARVN, pushed for 200,000 American ground troops. In the interim, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy contended for expanded besieging of focuses in North Vietnam, particularly processing plants. McNamara, an understudy of amusement hypothesis, pushed a "one good turn deserves another" strategy against North Vietnam ( U.S. powers would strike Hanoi if Viet Cong went in all out attack mode in South Vietnam)

The Gulf of
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