President Lyndon B. Johnson Essay

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One of the biggest blunders in the United States’ history was the decision to involve the nation in the feud between North and South Vietnam known as the Vietnam War. It is safe to say that the United States might not have gone to war if American citizens did not support it. History has shown that there were many indications that this was a poor decision so why did the American people initially support their government’s aspirations to fight communism in Vietnam? The 1960s were a time where the U.S. federal government had overwhelming control over their behaviors and actions the American public were able to perceive. Americans had very limited knowledge of what was really happening in Vietnam and what the true motives of the U.S. government were in residing in the Asian country. This gave the government the advantage in gaining support because they had full control on how to present the ongoing conflict to the people. President Lyndon B. Johnson was able to successfully sway the majority of Americans into supporting his decision to send armed forces to fight in Vietnam in his speech addressing the concerns over Vietnam. However, there were some Americans who opposed the war including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who also wrote a speech about Vietnam titled “Beyond Vietnam” and offered his arguments against the war. Johnson managed to persuade the public to his favor with his speech by convincing Americans that communism posed a threat to the U.S., the fate of Asia was
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