President Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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President Nixon not only abused his powers as president of the United States, but he also completely disregarded the Constitution and the oath of office of the President of the United States. President Nixon is most famous for his involvement in the infamous Watergate scandal, which took place on June 17th, 1972 (Timeline). Nixon hired six burglars to break into the Democratic National Committee’s offices, which were located inside the Watergate office, complex in Washington. The burglars’ mission was to plant audio transmitters, but they were arrested after being discovered by an on duty watchman (Bodenner). President Nixon vehemently denied any involvement by White House staff or Nixon administration members. Nixon also implemented strategies for covering up the scandal. Instead of owning up to his wrongdoings, Nixon managed to increase the severity of his crimes with each last ditch effort to save face (Jacobs). Clearly, Watergate was just one of the many scandals during Nixon’s presidency and was definitely not an isolated incident. Ultimately, President Nixon’s terms in office are defined by the lengths in which he was willing to go in order to further his own interests, especially those of which that were illegal. Before the notorious Watergate incident, President Nixon repeatedly engaged in behavior that was conniving and manipulative. For example, Nixon had reporters and government employees wiretapped so that he could figure out who leaked a secret bombing mission…
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