President Nixon 's Involvement On The Watergate Scandal Essay

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To further maintain his innocence, President Nixon started creating distance between himself and those of senior authority within his administration who could be directly linked to the Watergate scandal. At this time, many of President Nixon’s aides were either being prosecuted for obstruction of justice, burglary, wiretapping, etc, or they were resigning their positions within the administration due to the overwhelming evidence that was appearing against them in relation to their criminal activities. Many of President Nixon’s aides were either cutting a deal in court or preparing to testify against the him in relation to their personal knowledge about the details of the scandal and their personal knowledge about President Nixon’s involvement. The characters that will be examined were both senior politicians within the Nixon Administration as well as law enforcement agents and high ranking attorneys. They will be investigated to determine their connection to the Nixon Administration and their role in the Watergate scandal.

John Ehrlichman was the policy advisor for President Nixon. He was responsible for creating the White House plumbers, which was a group of men who prevented leaks and insider information about the Nixon Administration from getting in the hands of reporters. He was a loyal and patriotic advisor, most of the time using unconventional and illegal methods to secure a victory. Ehrlichman contributed to the cover up as he was the one who told FBI Director L.
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