President Nixon 's Success And Failures

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President Nixon’s Success And Failures President Richard Nixon came in power was the 37th president of the united stated elected in 1969. He is remembered as the first president to ever come out of office through resignation in 1974. He stepped down halfway in his second term in office or faces the threat of impeachment due to the efforts to cover up illegal activities that members of his administration had engaged in the Watergate scandal. He served as a former congressman and a two terms as vice president under Dwight Eisenhower during the in1950s. He contested against democrat john f Kennedy for presidency in which he was defeated. In 1968 he decided to context again and this time round won the elections. He had a mixture of success and failures during his administration as the president of the United States of America. President Nixon had a track record in his first term in office despite the disgrace in his second term that led to his resignation. He pursued reforms in welfare, health care, civil rights energy as well as the environmental policy. He believed that the policies had been based on national standards and not the idiosyncratic whims of 50 states. When the congress defeated his welfare and health care programs, he created the office of management and budget and office of energy policy for advice on oil policy as well as supporting the clean air act of 1970. Moreover, he established the environmental protection agency. 
During his term in office, he
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