President Nixon 's The Cold War

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President Nixon heightened the war, but, it didn 't change the movement of force. It was simply expanding the measure of passings, and not finishing anything. There were many funny stories going around about costly plane work that were disgracing, where we 'd send billions dollar flying machine into North Vietnam,That didn 't go over exceptionally well. Our warriors were progressively being murdered by falling into pits, executed, injuring. The whole ordeal didn 't create the impression that our endeavors were achieving anything, it was painful. Since the Vietnam War were extended, secretary, Marshall Green, refer to the American policy at this time as “Widening down the war” This was for refusal of the political and popular to acknowledge resistance in America mounted, the organization spent increasingly of its political capital in this one territory. This was also during the time, President 's Nixon 's were having issues over Watergate expanded, delivering improved disappointment, doubt, and outrage among many Americans about the administration in Washington. Under new and passionate open and media investigation, the State Department started to battle with proof that showed bias and lack of care to many groups such as the, rights of retiree, women’s, The slow process for African American promotions and the insufficiency of the American Foreign Service selection test. Nixon achieved, or possibly strived to accomplish, peace with honor in Vietnam. Many feel that it’s
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