President Nixon's Secret Bombing of Cambodia Essay

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the most controversial war the United States had ever been involved in during its rich two-hundred year history would engulf the country, ultimately leading to the collapse of a president, and the division of a nation. The Vietnam War was a military struggle fought in Vietnam and neighboring countries from 1959-1975 involving the North Vietnamese and NLF (National Liberation Front) versus the United States and the South Vietnamese ("The Vietnam..."). In 1969, newly elected President Richard M. Nixon, aiming to achieve "peace with honor" in Vietnam, began to put his "Vietnamization" policy into place -- removing the number of American military personnel in the country and transferring combat roles to the South…show more content…
Taking the oath of office in January of 1969, Nixon was thrown head-first into a war that was escalating quickly and, at the same time, infuriated many Americans who believed that it wasn't the nation's job to be world police. Now holding the reigns of the country, he was stuck in a Vietnam predicament -- his first decisions would be of utmost importance for the safety of our soldiers and for the well-being of the nation. Nixon had very few plausible options however. While a vocal sector of the public was clamoring for immediate withdrawal of troops, he understood that its disadvantages were too great -- not only would withdrawal compromise American credibility as a world power, he felt that it would also undermine his ability to negotiate with foreign powers during the remainder of his term (Bondi 237). Nuclear weapons were also not an alternative. We were still involved in the Cold War with the USSR -- if we opted to nuclear weapons, not only would we most likely end up instigating a World War III, we could not risk setting the precedent by using nuclear warfare to dictate world order (Bondi 237). Nixon's last choice, attempting to persevere for a conventional military victory in Vietnam, was a large risk to our

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