President Obama Can Easily Become a One-Term President

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Four years ago today, the 2008 election season was in full throttle. The Democratic primaries had an early start, with John Edwards officially announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in December 2006, Hillary Clinton following in January 2007 and Barack Obama declaring his intentions for the Oval Office in February. The Republican contenders entered the race soon after and were competing for the nomination in early 2007. John McCain, the last viable contender to formally announce his candidacy besides Fred Thompson, made a formal announcement on March 1, 2007. Lydia Saad noted the awkwardness of no Republican front-runner at this period before an election. Indeed, prospective candidates for the 2012 GOP nomination have…show more content…
These points, along with his major domestic policy reforms, guarantee his reelection. Yet, he states, with the Republican takeover of the House, the Democrats relinquished a vital key -- securing four keys for the GOP (Lichtman). However, as we examine President Obama’s assets, we can also note many of his liabilities, and according to these measures we can state that an effective, extraordinary candidate -- that will drive the message home -- can beat President Obama in the upcoming elections. President Obama’s approval ratings have indeed gone up since the self-described “shellacking” his party had in the midterm elections. He moved to the center and negotiated with the Republicans to pass bi-partisan bills as he united the country behind Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was tragically shot in her district. However, his spike in the polls has come to a stop and is now sinking. A recent poll conducted by Gallup Daily shows that his approval rating is once again below the 50% mark, which poses peril to his re-election chances (See fig. 2). Yet, although his approval ratings are not that shallow, the popularity of his agenda and management remains at an all time low. Another recent poll by Lydia Saad for Gallup showed that his handling of the economy and deficit is at an all-time low. This low polling is “despite a

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