President Obama Delivered A Speech

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On June 21st, 2010, Father 's Day, President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Washington D.C. addressing a crowd of his cabinet members, veterans, senators, and normal fathers. He aimed to give a speech about promoting responsible fatherhood, but his speech went beyond that. He addressed the crowd with a calm demeanor and a strong voice, and gave a speech on the importance of being a present father and the many lasting negative effects that having an absent father can have on a child. His heavy use of pathos, the appeal to emotion, gave the speech depth, and a reason for the crowd to want to listen.
The main point of President Obama 's Speech was that there are few things that a child benefits more from than having both their parents, and especially their fathers present in their lives growing up. There were five main points about his speech. One of the first points he mentions was the Father Mentoring initiative. It is a government program that was created to help raise awareness about responsible fatherhood. The program works to re-engage absent fathers or fathers that are not sure how to reintegrate themselves into their children 's lives after they’ve been absent for a long period of time. President Obama explains that it is a scary choice to make but it is better for the children in the long run.
The next main point of his speech is also a government initiative. The Fathering Re-Entry Court is a program designed to create job initiatives for ex-offenders. It helps…
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