President Obama Health Care Speech

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Analyzing the Rhetorical situation in president Obama Health care Speech to The congress A rhetorical situation is compressed of three components. These components are; the problem: which is basically the social issue under discussion, audience whom the message is addressed to and the constraint which is the limitations to achieving the social issue being advocated for (Worth, 2009). Primarily, the interplay of the following components leads to development a formidable rhetorical situation. In expounding on these components, this paper seeks to analyze president Obama health care Speech to the congress in 2010. The problem With the increase in the cost of health care in the united states, the Obama health bill of 2010 was a tool that the government aimed to use reforming the health care industry in the united states. In particular, the bill that was officially signed into law by president Obama in 2010 focused on patient protection and provision of affordable health care to the American citizens (Wizemann, 2011). On drumming his support for the bill president Obama emphasized driving forces behind having the bill signed into law. The president noted that thousands of Americans die from curable diseases yearly due to poor health services or in inability to afford quality health care. Therefore he held that by adopting the Obama health care policy then, the rights of the patients would be expanded and the health care insurance industry
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