President Obama Won Much More Than An Election

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1. The authors said “President Obama won – he won much more than an election – by not losing” because he will be able to maintain his policies and their survival in the following years after his election. This also prevented Republicans to pursue their own agenda of limiting government expansion and power and allowed things like Obamacare and increased federal spending to take place.
2. 2012 was “a fairly narrow victory” for Obama due to the margin of victory he won was only 3.85% making him the first president to be reelected while losing voting share. Usually incumbent presidents who win reelection win with more popular votes but for the first time in history this was not the case. Democrats also lost the House to Republicans demonstrating that voters were not confident in Obama’s leadership with the Democrats.
3. The authors made four arguments as to why the factors that previous Presidents lost reelection did not apply for Obama’s reelection. The first was that many previous presidents were unpopular within their own party which was not the case for Obama as the Democrats favored him for implementing Obamacare. The next argument was that there was no strong third party that drew away attention and support from Obama leaving his support base untampered with. The third argument was that Obama was only at his first term as President and people wanted to give him another chance just they gave to Presidents who had served more terms. The last argument was that people did…
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