President Obama Won Much More Than An Election

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1. The authors said “President Obama won – he won much more than an election – by not losing” because he will be able to maintain his policies and their survival in the following years after his election. This also prevented Republicans to pursue their own agenda of limiting government expansion and power and allowed things like Obamacare and increased federal spending to take place. 2. 2012 was “a fairly narrow victory” for Obama due to the margin of victory he won was only 3.85% making him the first president to be reelected while losing voting share. Usually incumbent presidents who win reelection win with more popular votes but for the first time in history this was not the case. Democrats also lost the House to Republicans…show more content…
The economy was slowly improving and the unemployment rate was slowly decreasing as well and many had placed blame on President Bush instead. 4. The results of the 2012 election revealed many important factors that will come into play when the 2016 election approaches. Geography, for one, is a key influence as the Democrats and Republicans had seized a stronghold on some states and in order to win they will need to gain a hold on each other’s states. The Democrats in the 2012 election have gained popularity with their platform of social justice and federal government programs among minorities such as African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and unmarried people while the Republicans platform of a limited government has shown to be less relatable to the general public hinting that maybe they will tweak their ideology to fit what is social acceptable for the next election. Chapter 2 1. There were many issues Obama had to handle when he first took office as President. One was the economy which the country was suffering in a recession. Democrats defended Obama arguing that it was under President Bush that the economy was so terrible while Republicans argued that Obama had not done enough to fix the economy. Republicans also criticized Obama for being passive and apologetic with international relations with the Middle East and Russia. Obama and the Democrats did argue however that Obama’s Health Care plan would bring
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