President Obama 's Executive Order

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My policy problem is that Congress now wants to reverse President Obama’s executive order and this reversal will be a huge step back in the process of the immigration reform that is needed. This reversal of action can be detrimental to many immigrant families by separating families with deportation and delaying families from being reunited after only parts of families were able to come to the United States. The government has been deporting illegal immigrants and the path to citizenship is difficult for illegal immigrants because of the complications and financial burden of the whole process. The reform that needs to take place is that Congress has to make amendments to our current immigration policy regarding citizenship for the illegal…show more content…
This is a possible and desirable solution as evidenced by Obama’s executive action. His executive order is only a minor application of my proposed policy solution and it is a step in the right direction. Many interest groups that support immigration reform as I do are happy that Obama as enacted this executive order, however widespread immigration reform is still needed ( 2014). The current power struggle between Congress and Obama is one of intergovernmental relations, “the relationship between different levels of government. For example, it may pertain to the struggle between the national government and the states for authority over a specific policy domain.” (Kollman 2014, 74), and although this usually pertains to federal versus state or state versus local government, it is definitely important to this current struggle between two parties. The House of Representatives has already started a bill to effectively get rid of Obama’s executive order and now needs the support of the Senate in order to make it happen. “The House bill, called Executive Amnesty Prevention Act, states that any attempt by the administration to exempt immigrants from deportation laws "shall be null and void and without legal effect."” (Memoli 2014). This power struggle arises due to the relationship between legislative and executive branch of our government
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