President Obama 's Job Performance

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I entitled this book “Back in the Game,” because I provide my views about why I believe the Republican Party was able to regain political dominance in 2014 and become the majority party in the House and the Senate.
Additionally, I discuss the similarities and differences as well as issues and accomplishments of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. But most importantly, because there has been a lot of rhetoric concerning President Obama’s job performance, I provide my personal views on what I perceive to be his successes and failures when compared to other Presidents throughout history.

However, the title of my book can also be applied to experiences in my own personal life or the lives of others. In the past, I often allowed setbacks to hold me back from doing things because I felt that I either didn’t have the power or resources to make them happen or I allowed someone else to make me feel that I was not qualified to do them. However; this is no longer the case and in the last ten years, I’ve been on a mission to establish a number of rigorous goals that I’ve not only brought to fruition but in many cases, I’ve far exceeded my goals and I’ve achieved feats that I would’ve previously thought impossible.

Undoubtedly, there are some people setting on the sidelines hoping for my failure but I count them amongst the few and irrelevant. I no longer depend on others approval because I finally know that I possess the abilities and drive to attain the goals I set…
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