President Obama 's Use Of The President 's War Powers

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Dabate Number 12 The President acting as commander and chief of our navy and army often comes with controversy. In this debate we are focused on President Obama’s use of the President’s war powers being reasonable or excessive. In this argument we hear from Hongju Koh who is a Legal Adviser with the U. S. Department of State advocating that Obama used them reasonably and Louis Fisher a Scholar in Residence and a member of the Constitution Project advocating that they were excessive. Hongju Koh provides an array of reasons why President Obama acted reasonably and in compliance with the War Powers Resolution, the Constition and international law. Firstly Koh recognized that the plan was for no ground troops to be deployed to Libya except for necessary personnel recovery missions. On April fourth “in an action involving no U. S. ground presence or U. S. casualties” we went to Libya(178). Koh’s has several main point with his agreement with president Obama is that although we sent armed forces to Libya without Congressional consent Obama is still following the WPR because the president “has never claimed the authority to take the nation to war with-out Congressional authorization” (179). His second main point is that WPR 60-day pullout rule “to remove United States Armed Forces within 60 days from “ hostilities”” (179) is not applicable because of the multiple definitions for hostilities and that U. S. military operations in Libya are not the kind of “ hostilities” the War

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