President Obama's High-Quality Preschool

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President Obama claims that providing high-quality preschool for all four year olds in the United States will help save the government money over time and will help create more stable families with parents that can hold a job. Obama says in his State of the Union Address in 2013 that America must equip its citizens with the adequate job training and skills to be able to fill the job openings that the economy is creating. In order to do this, Obama suggests starting learning at the earliest age possible and providing a high-quality preschool program for every single child in America. He claims that this will benefit families on an individual level and society as a whole as more equipped, educated citizens are produced. Although Obama has high…show more content…
First Obama says, “You know, study after study shows that the sooner a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road (Transcript of Obama SOTU).” There are no references to these study’s that Obama claims are so obviously helpful in seeing the benefit of early education and there is much contradicting research out there concerning the usefulness and long term effectiveness of early education programs. One of the most contradictory programs in America is Head Start and both sides of the argument deserve respect, which will help understand why Obamas first statement here is unethical and one sided. The Head Start program is aimed at increasing language, literacy and math during the preschool years to prepare underprivileged or disabled kids for kindergarten. This in turn will supposedly help the child star off on the right foot like Obama says in another one of his speeches on early childhood, “Study after study shows the achievement gap starts off very young. Kids who, when they go into kindergarten, their first day, if they already have a lot fewer vocabulary words, they don’t know their numbers and their shapes and have the capacity for focus, they’re going to be behind that first day. And it’s very hard for them to catch up over time. …” There are multiple success stories from the Head Start program, a few being a young man in Texas who works for NASA, or another graduate who started their own thriving business in New
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