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As Vice president of sales at Euroland (Hogebretsen), myself and my partner had to deal with a number of ethical dilemmas presented in this case, the first was evident before entering the negotiation, this was the fact that even though we had spent 9 months nurturing the JV deal and signing a letter of intent with MMI, at the last moment Munchao Motors switched out the VP Mr Kim for Mr Wu Chang for a reason that was unbeknownst to us, and now wanted to renegotiate the terms of 4 items that we had already agreed upon. Not only was this disrespectful to the culture of Norland it displayed a number of other red flags before entering the negotiation. Are they trustworthy, who is Mr Chang, What is his positions? Does he have the authority to move this deal through today? What are MMI objectives? So from the very start we were cautious and unwilling to trust. This caused a level of uncertainly and conflict in our minds before entering the negotiation, stereotyping Muncho’s for this kind of unethical behaviour. We assumed Chang may ask for a bribe, as he intonated to some ‘under the table favours’ at the previous night’s dinner, which also put our guard up in the initial planning of the negotiation. As we wanted this deal to go through, we were aware MMI had most of the power, so to increase our power we needed to be strategic. We knew we wanted to gain entry into their prosperous market, therefore our power was motivational. In the planning stages we aimed to resolve any moral

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