President Of The United States

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Before 1789, pharaohs, consuls, Kings, Queens, and Councils served as executive in other government and no national government had a president (Welch 326). George Washington, in 1789 became the first president of the United States, as well as the commander in chief, and one of the Founding father of the United States. As a democratic country, USA has a political system where power is divided in between a legislative, executive, and Judiciary. In the beginning the presidency was not very powerful office in a fledging country that had few international ties and virtually no standing Army. Today the President of the Unites States is among the most powerful figure in the world. As a chief diplomat and most powerful person of the country,…show more content…
The president’s executive power identifies the President as the powerful force to set foreign policy. Over the time, the president has become more powerful. President has power to issue executive orders. Executive orders have the force of law. These executive orders deal with the national security, and have a significant impact. George W. Bush made heavy use of executive orders in responding to problems created by the 9/11 attacks. He also uses the executive orders to make policies. Like, Reagan and Bush used this power to ban abortion counseling. In additional to that President has executive privilege to refuse to make public some internal documents and private conversations. The president’s power to executive order and privilege are the other reason than makes him the force behind policy making. President is not only the representative of his party, but also the head of state. President represents his country and its people. As a chief diplomat of the country, he negotiates treaties with foreign countries, appoint ambassadors, and receive foreign ambassadors. President has also the power to erase the guilt, and restore the right of anyone convicted of a federal crime. Like wise he is also the Commander in chief of the Army and Navy and of the Militia of the several states. This allows
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