President Of The United States Essay

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Executive Privilege gives the President of the United States and his staff in the executive office the right to withhold information from the judicial branch of Government; it also allows the president and his advisors the power to keep information from Congress and the public. Presidential power has always been an extremely controversial matter because it is never mentioned in the United States Constitution as a right; but the process to actually exercise the use of executive privilege and of the official choices leading to make it clear that this in fact is a genuine presidential power as long as it is used correctly has been challenging. The President and his staff need to have plans and events that need to be kept in private, but the question of whether or not withholding this important information from Congress, courts and the public is beneficial to the country as a whole. Generally there are four areas that executive privilege is based on: ongoing law enforcement investigations, presidential communications, national security, foreign affairs and or military affairs and finally thought through process. Presidents have always said that the implied principle of executive privilege is mandated through the separation of powers. Presidents also have said that in order to do their jobs correctly and to get the advice needed from all their advisors; their advisors are not willing to give advice if their advice can be used against them in anyway. The term executive

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