President Of The United States

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Kevin Lu Lu 1 Mr. Ritter AP English 74A 8 February 2016 Make America “Great” Again One of the richest men in our country has been blowing up the media with his political campaign. You know him as Donald Trump: entrepreneur, celebrity hair icon, and our soon to be president of the United States. In June, he…show more content…
Sounds like a plausible strategy to me. After multiple accusations of Bernie Sanders being a communist, Trump has decided to keep his distance from Bernie, in fear of possibly catching his socialism. Instead, he has gone straight to Hillary, the front runner of the democratic party, with his criticism. He has declared, “If she can not satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?" Bold words from a bold man. Hillary responded by saying, “didn’t work before, won’t work again.” This only challenged the great Donald Trump and pushed him to continue attacking Hillary and Bill’s sex life. Clearly, Trump places lots of emphasis on personal affairs in politics. While the other candidates seriously discuss meaningless issues such as the state of our economy and foreign policy, Trump has decided to draw media attention to himself by insulting his opponents and attacking their personal lives. Genius. Trump will turn our nation around, or maybe he’ll just wall it off to make sure the Mexicans don’t get in. He realizes the pressing issue that is causing problems to our country is “the stupid people in office.” But don’t worry, Trump will be smart, smart enough to protect our country and revive our economy. He even knows the reason why unemployment rates are so low. How did we not see it earlier? Probably because of all those idiots in politics, as he
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